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    • 06/16/2023
    • 8:00 AM
    • New Hudson, MI


    Annual SMAFC Golf Outing

    Friday, June 16, 2023

    8:00 AM - Check In
    8:30 AM - Shotgun Start

    Coyote Golf Club
    28700 Milford RD
    New Hudson, MI 48165

    $400 Per Foursome
    $100 Per Single Golfer
    $125 Hole Sponsorship

    Coffee in the morning!
    Lunch after the round!
    Lots of Prizes!

    • 08/11/2023
    • 10:30 AM
    • LMCU Ballpark

    Legislative Luncheon

    Friday, August 11, 2023

    10:30AM - Check In & Mingle
    11:00AM - Membership Meeting
    11:45PM - Lunch

    LMCU Ballpark
    4500 West River Road Northeast
    Comstock Park, MI 49321

    $20 Per Person

    The Western Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs will host its annual Legislative Luncheon at LMCU Ballpark in Comstock Park, Michigan on Friday, August 11, 2023. We would like to extend you an invitation to this event so that our members have the opportunity to discuss current issues affecting our ability to provide services to Michigan’s residents. Lunch will be served at noon with an informal panel discussion to follow beginning at 12:30PM. We sincerely hope that you will take the opportunity to attend this event. We are very interested in hearing your views on the issues affecting Michigan and the direction our state is heading.


    From turning off West River Dr, keep right as the road forks, and turn into the first parking lot on the left. Upon parking in the North Parking Lot, they will enter through Gate C (or the outfield gate) and turn immediately to the right and up to the small set of steps, continue forward about 60 feet and enter through the door glass double doors labeled “Pepsi Stadium Club”, on the left side. If you are in need of elevator access, there is an exterior entry to the elevator to the left hand side of the building near the ramp pathway, which can be taken up the First floor.

    • 09/21/2023
    • 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Comstock Park, MI

    The Western Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs

    P R E S E N T

    The 9 L's Impacting the Culture
    with Chief Corley Moore • Moore Fire Department

    Thursday, September 21, 2023
    9:00AM - 2:00PM

    $50 Per Person

    Continental Breakfast and Lunch Provided

    Alpine Twp. Fire Station 1
    1100 Henze St NW
    Comstock Park, MI 49321

    The 9 L's Impacting the Culture
    Corley Moore

    The mission of the class is to give people the tools they need to build a high-performance culture within their organization. Understanding these principles can challenge anyone, anywhere to improve the culture of their Department. The presentation is broken down into nine principles of leadership all of which start with the letter "L". Learn, Listen, Love, Look, Laugh, Level, Live, Labor, Last. The ultimate point of the class is to provide a tool for someone in a leadership role, and that is a lens by which you can judge every decision around the firehouse... before you make it.

    Class Outline

    Corley Moore is a motivational speaker and instructor, specializing in the topics of leadership and culture. Author of the book Challenge Your Leadership. He is the founder of Firehouse Vigilance and its "Never Ending Fight Against Complacency". Creator of the Vigilant Creed with members in all fifty states and seven Countries. Host of The Weekly Scrap, a podcast where fire service leaders come on to discuss improving the culture of the modern fire service.

    Corley Moore has served in the Moore Fire Department since 1997, and currently holds the rank of Battalion Chief. He is in charge of the Green Shift, which is a motley collection of badasses that make him look good every day.

    • 10/25/2023
    • 11:00 AM
    • Belmont, MI

    WMAFC Membership Meeting

    Wednesday, October 25, 2023

    11:00AM - Lunch & Meeting

    Boulder Creek Golf Club
    5750 Brewer AVE NE
    Belmont, MI 49306

    $20 Per Person


    Electric Vehicles
    Chief Mike O'Brian • Brighton Area Fire Autority

    • 12/06/2023
    • 11:00 AM
    • Belmont, MI

    WMFCA Holiday Luncheon
    Installation of Board Members

    Wednesday, December 6, 2023

    11:00AM - Lunch & Meeting

    Boulder Creek Golf Club
    5750 Brewer AVE NE
    Belmont, MI 49306

    $20 Per Person

    You can register your guests when you log in and register yourself!

    This is a great opportunity to bring staff, family, and friends to show off our organization or just to celebrate the holidays!

Past events

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04/11/2023 ATTEND Midwest Fire Rescue Expo®
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03/15/2023 NMFCA Evening Membership Meeting
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03/13/2023 SMAFC Membership Meeting
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12/08/2022 SMAFC Holiday Luncheon
12/07/2022 WMFCA Holiday Luncheon
11/03/2022 Vision 20/20 Community Risk Reduction
10/26/2022 WMFCA Membership Meeting
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09/23/2022 WMAFC Company Officer Training Day
08/05/2022 Legislative Luncheon
07/28/2022 ATTEND • NMFCA Summer Symposium
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07/27/2022 NMFCA Evening of Training
06/17/2022 SMAFC Golf Outing
05/25/2022 WMFCA Membership Meeting
05/12/2022 SMAFC Membership Meeting
05/06/2022 SMAFC Evening Social Event
04/13/2022 EXHIBIT Midwest Fire Rescue Expo®
04/11/2022 ATTEND Fire Expo® and/or Annual Conference
03/30/2022 WMFCA Membership Meeting
03/10/2022 NMFCA Membership Meeting & Training
03/10/2022 SMAFC Membership Meeting
01/15/2022 Yellow Rose Social Event
01/13/2022 SMAFC Membership Meeting
12/09/2021 SMAFC Holiday Luncheon
12/02/2021 A Conversation About Wildfire
12/01/2021 WMFCA Holiday Luncheon
10/27/2021 WMFCA Membership Meeting
10/14/2021 SMAFC Membership Meeting
09/24/2021 Step Up and Lead
08/06/2021 Legislative Luncheon
06/18/2021 SMAFC Golf Outing
05/26/2021 WMFCA Membership Meeting
05/13/2021 SMAFC Membership Meeting
03/31/2021 WMFCA Zoom Meeting
02/11/2021 SMAFC Zoom Meeting
12/09/2020 WMFCA Zoom Meeting
10/28/2020 WMFCA Membership Meeting
08/14/2020 Legislative Luncheon
05/27/2020 CANCELED • WMFCA Membership Meeting
03/25/2020 WMFCA Membership Meeting
03/19/2020 NMFCA Membership Meeting
03/12/2020 SMAFC Membership Meeting
01/09/2020 SMAFC Membership Meeting
12/12/2019 SMAFC Holiday Luncheon
12/04/2019 WMFCA Holiday Luncheon
11/14/2019 SMAFC Membership Meeting
10/23/2019 WMFCA Membership Meeting
10/10/2019 SMAFC Membership Meeting
09/21/2019 Reading Smoke with Dave Dodson
09/20/2019 Reading Buildings with Dave Dodson
08/23/2019 Legislative Luncheon
07/13/2019 Reading Smoke with Dave Dodson
07/11/2019 Reading Smoke with Dave Dodson
07/09/2019 GENERAL ATTEND 2019 Leadership Conference
07/09/2019 EXHIBIT 2019 Leadership Conference
06/14/2019 SMAFC Golf Outing
05/22/2019 WMFCA Membership Meeting
05/09/2019 SMAFC Membership Meeting
04/17/2019 EXHIBIT Midwest Fire Rescue Expo®
04/17/2019 #1-ATTEND Midwest Fire Rescue Expo®
04/16/2019 #2-Winter Workshop - Expo® Included
03/27/2019 WMFCA Membership Meeting
03/21/2019 NMFCA Membership Meeting
03/14/2019 SMAFC Membership Meeting
03/05/2019 Day at the Capitol
01/10/2019 SMAFC Membership Meeting

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